Okamul PU

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Polyurethane resin adhesive

Solvent-free low emission, two-component, polyurethane resin adhesive for the installation of rubber coverings, outdoor and other coverings. Okamul PU has superior bonding properties and is tough, hard as well as humidity and weather resistant after it has fully hardened.


• Solvent free
• Multi-purpose adhesive
• Easy to spread
• For interior and exterior applications
• Suitable for over floor heating system
• Suitable for fork lift traffic

Flooring Material Trowel Coverage
Rubber tile flooring 3mm thick plus. U1 2.5-3m2 per kg
Resilent & safety flooring. U1 2.5-3m2 per kg
LVT tiles & planks. U1 2.5-3m2 per kg
Areas of high stress heat or wet areas. U1 2.5-3m2 per kg


• 6kg plastic buckets