Okapox Accelerator

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Accelerator additive for use with:epoxy resin primer Okapox GF extremely fine epoxy resin grout/adhesive Okapox DesignerGrout epoxy resin adhesives and adhesive mortars/grouts Okapox F/K and Okapox F/K Boden (floor) Okapox Accelerator shortens waiting and curing times when priming substrates prior to tile and parquet/engineered wood or other flooring installation. Finished areas can be exposed to stress much quicker. Depending on product, Okapox -Accelerator results in superior mechanical and chemical properties after a shorter time. Suitable for interior and exterior applications.


• Shortens reaction times
• Minimises waiting times
• Easy to apply


1 container (200 ml) Okapox Accelerator for:
• approx. 3,5 kg Okapox GF
• approx. 4,8 kg Okapox Designer Grout / Okapox F/K Boden (floor)
• approx. 5,0 kg Okapox F/K


• 200ml plastic container