Okatmos® EG 20

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Product Data GEV VOC Certificate MSDS Part 1 MSDS Part 2

Fast Setting Primer

Solvent-free, very low emission primer with high bond strength for the preparation of non-absorbent and absorbent substrates as well as over old, load bearing and waterprooof cut back adhesive residue (no bitumen-based cut back adhesive).

Extremely short drying time. For advanced Indoor-Air-Quality. Prevents smell and odors origination in microbial interactions between the floor covering and the application surface, especially in renovation projects. Can be diluted to a maximum of 1:3 with water on concrete substrates.


• For install in one day applications
• Solvent free and very low emission
• For absorbent and non-absorbent substrates
• Promotes advanced Indoor-Air-Quality

Dry Time Coverage
Drying time – 20-30 min (24 hours on wood and gypsum substrates) Undiluted 10-13m2 per kg
1.1 ratio 20m2 per kg
(Standard Concrete Ratio)
1.2 ratio 30m2 per kg
1-3 ratio 40m2 per kg


• 60 x 10kg plastic container