Okatmos® star 100

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Product Data MSDS VOC Certificate GEV MSDS 2

Fast Setting one-side Adhesive

Solvent-free, very low emission multipurpose dispersion adhesive for a wide variety of flooring materials. Suitable for heterogeneous and homogenous PVC-coverings, luxury vinyl tiles and plank, rubber sheet and tiles up to 4mm as well as a textile coverings with latex, PVC or PUR-backing Okatmos star 100 provides excellent initial and final grab. Can be used with spray extraction cleaners and shampooing devices in compliance with RAL 991 A2. For advances Indoor-Air-Quality. Prevents smell and stenches originating in microbial interactions between the floor covering and the application surface.


• Short tack up time
• Solvent free and very low emissions
• For PVC and rubber flooring
• Easy trowel
• Promotes advanced Indoor-Air-Quality

Flooring Material Trowel Coverage
Rubber-flooring up to 2-4mm as sheet or tiles V1 4-5m2 per kg
Homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC-covering as sheet or tiles CV-covering V1 4-5m2 per kg
Textile coverings with latex, PVC or PUR backing V1 4-5m2 per kg


• 33 x 18kg plastic buckets
• 60 x 6 kg plastic buckets