Okatmos® star 110

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Product Data GEV VOC Certificate MSDS Part 1 MSDS Part 2

Wet-bed adhesive

Solvent-free, very low emission, fibre-reinforced wet-bed dispersion adhesive for gluing rubber floor coverings of up to 4mm thickness in lengths and tiles (not suitable for special or special purpose coverings), designer coverings in plank and tile format. Suitable for areas effected by prolonged sunlight & temperature fluctuations. The addition of reinforcing fibres minimises adhesive squeeze during laying and residual indentation in laid flooring. Thanks to its sanitising effect, Okatmos star 110 also helps to prevent odours.


• Fibre reinforced
• Short skin-over time
• Low consumption
• Easy to spread
• Rigid glue line
• Sanitising
• Suitable for areas effected by prolonged sunlight and temperature fluctuations

Flooring Material Trowel Coverage
Rubber floorcoverings of 2-4mm. Thickness with polished rear side V1 250-280g/m2
Designer coverings in plank and tile V1 250-280g/m2
Homogeneous and heterogeneous in tile only V1 250-280g/m2


• 33 x 14kg plastic buckets