Okatmos® star 150 Plus

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Product Data GEV VOC Certificate MSDS Part 1 MSDS Part 2

Multipurpose Adhesive

Solvent-free releasable adhesive for installation of self-laying carpet and carpet tiles with fleece, PVC or textile-backing. Also suitable for releasable installation of vinyl composite tiles (VCT). Okatmos® star 150 can be used on false floors, wood particle board and metal, over PVC, CV and linoleum coverings and on ceramic tiles (must be well bonded, sound, smooth and free of all waxed finishes, strippers and cleaners) and any other subfloor read for installation. Coverings installed with Okatmos® star 150 can be removed and reinstalled. For advanced Indoor-Air-Quality. Prevents odours originating in microbial interactions between the floor coverings and the applications surface.


• Solvent free
• Easy application
• Especially for self-layering carpet and carpet tiles
• Especially for VCT flooring

Flooring Material Trowel Coverage
Self layering carpet and carpet tiles Short hair lambs wool roller 80-100g/m2
VCT V1 TKB A2 140g/m2


• 6kg plastic buckets
• 15kg plastic buckets