Okapox GF Epoxy

Okapox GF Epoxy
Epoxy Primer

Solvent and water free very low emission thin two-component epoxy primer for the preparation of absorbing and non-absorbing substrates before patching, sealing and floor installation. Suitable for cement, calcium sulphate, magnesia and asphalt floors, concrete, wood, chipboard, terrazzo, artificial stone, ceramic tile, cut-back residue, metal and similar materials. Okapox GF provides a high flexural strength, adhesive strength, compressive strength and abrasion resistance, resists water, lye, acids, salt water as well as grease and fuel. It can be use as moisture barrier on cement based substrates and can be used as binder for epoxy mortars.

  • Especially suitable for critical substrates
  • Suitable as a moisture barrier
  • Solvent-free and very low emission
  • Very high bond strength
  • Free of water
  • Suitable as a binder for epoxy mortars
Dry Time
  • Approximately 12hrs
  • Approximately 3.5-4 hrs by adding: Okapox Accelerator
  • Approx. 5m2 per kg
  • 200-300g/m2 as primer
  • 400-500g/m2 as moisture barrier
  • 800-950g/m2 in combination with Kiesel silica glass fibre mesh
  • 600-700g/m2 per cm thickness as a drainage mortar/drainage screed
  • 7kg two compartment tin container
  • 3.5kg two compartment tin container

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