Okatmos® star 100 Plus L

Okatmos® star 100 Plus L
Conductive multi-purpose adhesive

Solvent-free dispersion adhesive with very low emissions for conductively binding textile floor coverings (except needle felt coverings), homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC coverings in sheets and tiles, linoleum coverings up to 4 mm thick in sheets and tiles (not suitable for special rubber/special coverings). With its sanitising effect, Okatmos® star 100 Plus-L helps to prevent odours

  • Conductive as per DIN EN 13415
  • Universal use
  • Very good processing properties
  • Sanitising
  • Extremely low emissions
  • 3.5m3/kg F/L – V1
Flooring Material
  • Rubber-flooring up to 2-4mm as sheet or tiles | V1 | 4m2 per kg
  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC-covering as sheet or tiles CV-covering | V1 | 4m2 per kg
  • Textile coverings with latex, PVC or PUR backing | V1 | 4m2 per kg
  • 14kg plastic containers

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