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At Polyflor we create flooring solutions which are both beautiful and functional. Whether it be in the home or in a commercial environment, our products uphold the same level of quality and design standard.

We believe that the products we choose can help us design for a better environment, both inside and out. Our collection of vinyl flooring, which is suitable for a variety of commercial and residential applications, makes a big impact on the look of a space, but a small impact on the earth.

Since launching in Australia and New Zealand in 1963, we’ve been proud to offer our customers a wide variety of flooring solutions to suit any need – aged care, retail, residential, healthcare, residential, you name it. Our range of products caters to those looking for superior quality but also to those after unique solutions like sustainable slip resistance, acoustic noise reduction, rubber and sports flooring. Owned by one of the world’s top flooring Manufacturers, Polyflor Ltd U.K, we’re able to offer our customers the benefits of versatility, international quality and choice.


Based near Manchester, England, Polyflor is a major manufacturer of commercial floorcoverings, operating successfully throughout the world.

Polyflor are constantly striving to improve processes and products to reflect the changing demands of the marketplace. We have invested ca. £34 million in plant and equipment over the last decade, enhancing and expanding our product portfolio to provide added value for our customers.

The foundation of Polyflor’s success is our customer focus, and we work closely with contractors, specifiers and end users to understand their requirements and provide the ideal flooring solution for any installation. Polyflor have dedicated personnel within its salesforce, technical department and design team to provide comprehensive customer support. The company has developed an extensive network of agents, distributors and wholly-owned subsidiaries throughout all markets, to ensure excellent product and sample availability.

Polyflor is a quality-driven organisation, with our manufacturing processes and systems ISO 9001 accredited. We are fully committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations, and also conform to ISO 14001.

From our early origins to today’s position as a leading manufacturer of commercial floorcoverings the success story continues ……

The Early Years
1915 - 1948

Domestic & International Expansion
1954 - 1978

Innovative New Product Development
1983 - 1999

Continued Strengthening of Polyflor Portfolio
2000 – today

The Group has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and human trafficking, and this is part of our broader commitment to conduct our business in an ethical and lawful manner.


Our strength lies not only in the quality of the products that we manufacture, but in the full-rounded service we offer our customers. With sales offices and warehouses all throughout Australia and New Zealand, we’re never more than a phone call away. We are committed to providing a comprehensive service and achieve this by supplying the latest in contemporary flooring design and technology. We help guide our customers through the entire process – from choosing the most suitable product for their project, to application and maintenance. The cornerstone of our philosophy is an assurance of product superiority, customer service and value for money, and that is why our customers choose Polyflor time and time again.


As a manufacturer, we take our contribution seriously and are constantly establishing processes of recycling, reducing waste and being as carbon neutral as possible. Although production and conservation might seem like a juxtaposition, when you are dedicated to sustainability, superior quality, customer service and value for money, anything is possible.

Our new product development continues to focus on reducing the environmental impact of our operations by providing a high level of durability, reliability, ease of maintenance and safe disposal. We’re a quality driven company, with our manufacturing processes and systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited. Whilst choosing Environmentally Preferable Flooring from Polyflor, it’s important to be assured that this means zero compromise in choice and functionality of the product. Polyflor really is ‘flooring design for a better environment’.


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