Expona Commercial: Design-led Flooring

First impressions count. With that in mind, we developed the Expona Commercial range to help you put your best design foot forward and express your unique vision. The range features a variety of textures, visual reproductions of natural and abstract materials combined with innovative finishes.

This collection is designed for commercial applications like retail, office, hospitality, healthcare or even residential with 80 shades spanning a plethora of wood species, natural stone and man-made materials, each featuring a complementary surface texture for an authentic experience.

The wood collection features an array of timber designs, offering a mix of tones, subtlety, size and variation, showcasing the raw beauty of natural materials. Go for warmth with Natural Brushed Oak or Wild Teak, or opt for more contrast with Dark Recycled Wood. Our wood-floor replicas are second to none.

Although wood is the classic choice when it comes to flooring, stone is next in line. Expona Commercial features a contemporary collection of natural mineral designs including clean and rustic stone effects, strong slate designs and raw industrial surfaces. Extensively researched and developed, swatches like Fossil Stone or Amazonian Slate offer a cool neutral palette which beautifully replicate the unpredictability of these natural materials.

For those daring to be different and bold, Expona Commercial abstract designs offer creative and graphic interpretations that are inspired by modern-day design and appealing to the imagination. Liquorice Parchment is a great textured print for sophisticated commercial settings whilst Black Textile offers a softer, fabric-like platform which could nicely suit aged care facilities. Our abstract patterns challenge our clients to break conventional standards and explore something more.

As with all natural materials like wood and stone, our products may contain knots and variations in markings as part of their design. Feel free to request a physical sample to get best acquainted with the product.

Expona is a symbol of quality, representing the pinnacle of modern manufacturing techniques coupled with cutting edge trends. And our floors are more than a piece of the puzzle. They are the ideas on which entire concepts can be built. Where will you begin?