Healthy Floors with Polyflor ~ Covid Safe ~

We have all faced a large amount of change over the past few months, affecting both businesses and individuals. These changes have resulted in an increased focus on hygiene and cleanliness. The need to keep surfaces free from germs and increase the frequency of cleaning is likely to stick around for some time. With Polyflor products, you can improve the quality of your maintenance regime, without a significant increase in time or cost. Following high-standard cleaning methods and increasing the frequency of cleaning will help to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Polyflor vinyl floor coverings feature a cross-linked, UV cured Polyurethane Reinforcement (PUR) which can easily withstand an increased frequency of cleaning and provides superior maintenance benefits, allowing for a polish-free cleaning regime for the lifetime of the product.

Daily Cleaning

Cleaning works by using a cleanser and water to remove dirt, bacteria & viruses from surfaces. Regular maintenance eliminates contaminants, providing a hygienic surface that does not promote the growth of bacteria & viruses, lowering the risk of spreading infection.

To clean your floor we recommend:

  1. Mop, sweep or vacuum to remove dust and loose dirt, using a clean brush, vacuum or a dust control mop.
  2. Use a clean microfibre mop to apply a Polyflor approved cleanser and scrub the floor thoroughly.
  3. Remove any wet slurry with a wet vacuum or clean microfibre mop.
  4. Using a clean bucket of water, rinse the floor and allow to dry.


Disinfecting works by using chemicals to kill bacteria & viruses. When carried out in combination with a regular cleaning regime, disinfecting can remove 99.9% of germs from the floor surface and greatly reduce the spread of infection.

Most leading tablet and liquid disinfectants are safe to use with most Polyflor and Polysafe ranges when following the below guidelines:

  1. To effectively reduce the spread of Covid-19, Polyflor recommends using a disinfectant that is authorised, under the Biocidal Product Regulation, to have virucidal activity.
  2. Follow the disinfectant manufacturer’s guidelines to dilute and apply the product to the floor’s surface.
  3. Following effective application of the disinfectant rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water. This step should be completed after the disinfectant has passed its efficacy peak, but before the solution has dried on the floor.

Following the above guidelines will help to ensure that your flooring is safe and free from contamination, protecting the people coming into contact with this surface & reducing the spread of infection.