Introducing: Silentflor.

Polyflor Australia is ecstatic to bring this new innovation to our existing line of products. Resilient, daring, and versatile, we are proud to present the latest in commercial acoustic flooring: Silentflor.

Specifically designed for use in heavy commercial areas, Silentflor is a versatile, environmentally friendly flooring solution ideally suited for use in the:

  • Educational
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Leisure, and
  • Residential


Available in an eclectic range of modern designs, Silentflor  is available in 22 contemporary colours and prints, ensuring that there is a shade available to compliment your commercial environment.

But why Silentflor?

Polyflor is proud to announce that this range achieves 19dB of sound impact reduction, whilst still retaining outstanding durability, demonstrating slip resistance up to, and including, an R10 (DS to EN 13893), and remaining a sustainable and environmentally friendly flooring alternative.

Meeting demands of highly diverse commercial environments, Silentflor is where current aesthetics meet superior performance, surpassing client expectations, and ensuring a perfect fit for your business.


  • Impact sound reduction of 19dB.
  • Heterogeneous sheet flooring with 3.7mm gauge & 0.65mm wear layer.
  • R10 slip resistance, classified DS to EN 13893 (for sustainable wet slip resistance refer to Polysafe ranges).
  • Demonstrates outstanding durability and abrasion resistance Type I as defined in EN ISO 10582.
  • BRE Global A+ rating (Generic).
  • Features a Polyurethane Reinforcement (PUR) for improved cleaning and maintenance.
  • Use area classification: 23/34/42 as defined in EN 685/EN ISO 10874.
  • Tested to international standards for low VOC emissions.
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • And 100% recyclable.