The Ultimate Guide to Flooring Adhesive installation

Kiesel- the key to quality installation.

Polyflor is a distributor of Kiesel screeds and adhesives.

Kiesel has been manufacturing and developing screeds and
anti-microbial vinyl flooring adhesives for the flooring industry for over 50 years. They pride themselves on providing innovative products for all requirements of subfloor preparation and adhesives for the floor covering industry. Their products have superior coverage rates and self- drying technology.

At Polyflor, we believe there are several critical factors in the quality of a finished installation. The quality of the subfloor preparation can heavily impact the final result.
By following these simple steps (based on Australian standards AS 1884 Floor coverings Resilient sheet and tiles) you will create the best possible environment for a successful installation of your new flooring products. This will increase the performance of these products and give you peace of mind for many years to come.

1. Priming

An installation job starts with the right substrate preparation. Start it right with Kiesel primers.

To virtually watch the primer drying is a profitable ­experience. Quick drying means that you might save an extra trip to the construction site and offer an “install-in-one-day” service. That’s why we developed Okatmos® EG 20. This acrylic dispersion primer with a drying time of 20–30 minutes is probably the fastest on the market. Priming the substrate before applying levelling compounds serves a specific purpose:
– to improve the bond strength between mortar and
substrate, especially on non-absorbent substrates
– to conduct a well balanced curing by avoiding “burn-out” of cement-based products on highly absorbent substrates
– preparation of difficult to adhere substrates.


2. Levelling and Surface Correction

The correct preparation of the substrate is the right start for a successful installation job. Unfortunately, work schedules very often do not allow much time for performing this task.

Kiesel provides a very versatile selection of surface prepa­ration products to deal with almost all of today’s job-site situations in a reliable, time-saving and economical manner. These materials help at this crucial step of installation, providing extremely fast setting characteristics with outstanding workability and a reliable performance even under most demanding circumstances. They can save you time, money and give you extra peace-of-mind.

■ Patching and levelling

Every installer knows that a smooth, level surface is es­sential for getting quality results. Creating a levelled subsurface that won’t telegraph trowel marks to floor covering surface demands a high-quality levelling
compound. Unfortunately today’s schedules do not allow much time to get those results. Kiesel has developed installation materials that can help you at this crucial step of installation providing fast drying and high quality products.

■ Self-levelling

Kiesel’s self-levelling compounds allow a quick, easy and professional installation. With excellent flow characteristics they create a smooth surface without tool marks. And with layer-thickness of up to 50 mm in one application it provides a solution for almost every need.


3. Correct Flooring Adhesive

Okatmos star-technology created a new generation of flooring systems adhesives that are antimicrobial. They combine unsurpassed adhesive strength with best workability, excellent coverage, and the best possible protection of the health of the installer and end user with ‘very low’ VOC emissions. Our materials offer a multitude of differing that make them a preferred choice with installers. Easy to trowel, reliable bonding, no hazardous vapours and odours, excellent coverage: Our products set the standards for flooring adhesives.


One System Warranty

For a successful installation, correct preparation of the substrate really is the key to a great project result. When using an approved Kiesel System to correctly prepare your substrate & install your Polyflor vinyl, Polyflor Australia will offer a ‘Polyflor Kiesel One System Warranty’ which extends your product warranty by an additional 5 years. How’s
that for confidence!

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