Across all areas of the business, sustainability is high on Polyflors agenda and our strategy is to minimise the environment impact of our operations and products.

At Polyflor we are clear in the belief that our customers shouldn’t have to compromise on performance, choice or budget in order to use products with the lowest impact as positive environmental credentials and benefits are built in our flooring. 

We are proud to re-launch our Recofloor program within Australia and hope that you will join us in reducing disposal costs and helping the environment.

Recofloor is a take-back scheme that recycles waste vinyl flooring.
Post installation off-cuts are recycled back into new flooring whilst smooth uplifted vinyl is used to make traffic management products such as traffic cones.

Although the flooring industry is not bound by law to recycle waste, Polyflor is actively seeking to recover and recycle its post consumer waste vinyl flooring to minimise the flooring industry’s environmental impact and close the loop of our products’ life cycles.

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