Using Polyflor’s BIM to Your Advantage

Building information modeling (BIM) has become an extremely handy tool for many architects, designers and draftsmen. It’s a tool for the digital age – it allows for us to visualise something in its entirety before it comes into fruition. It’s the smartphone of architectural drawing methods and makes the entire process much more efficient and time-effective. As elements are added to a building model, their location and properties are stored in a structured data repository, which becomes a treasure trove for the resourceful architect.

The biggest incentive is that BIM creates drawings that everyone can understand, and using 3D with Revit helps clients visualise what their final project will look like before it is built. Before deciding on your flooring solution, it’s important to determine which kind of materials will best suit your design and please your client. The best way to do this, of course, is to give them a virtual test run.

Modlar is a site that offers architects inspiration, advice, techniques and the ability to download BIM/CAD files. Using BIM files means that each chosen object contains data – walls, doors and floors “know” what they are and where they exist in the model. This technology allows architects a wealth of information that streamlines to production process and makes their decision making easier.

Polyflor’s resilient and safe vinyl floor coverings provide the ideal flooring solution for a wide variety of health care, aged care, education, retail, office, mining, commercial and domestic installations both nationally and internationally. Therefore we offer swatch images of our flooring ranges which can be downloaded and used to create 3D building models on ArchiCAD or Revit. We offer a wide range of swatches – from luxury vinyl tiles to acoustic flooring to commercial vinyl. Whatever your flooring needs, why not give Polyflor a virtual try, before choosing which swatch will add the finishing touch to your design.