Vinyl Flooring Colour Trends for 2018

One word to describe the colour trend for 2018 is ‘Balance’. People lead such busy lives and are striving to find balance in their life, so colour has been drawn upon to help people achieve this as colour has been known to affect people’s behaviour and personality.

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that greys are here to stay for another year with many colours have a grey influence or undertone.

Flooring trends:
Marble, Concrete, Steel, Silvered Driftwood, Elm, Smoked Beam and Burnt Beam

Colour will dominate as a feature with electric blues, emerald greens, olives, pastel pinks, burgundy, rusts and coppers being most popular.

Flooring trends:
Oaks and Concrete or design the floor as the colour feature

There is a hint of metallic coming through in the way of silver and copper which can be used as a stand out feature or a subtle infusion.The flooring may also feature metallic tones to really highlight this trend.

Flooring trends:
Distressed Copper Plate, Distressed Gold Plate, Rusted Metal, Bronze Salvaged Woodand Silvered Driftwood

Nature brings a calming element which is an important aspect of the ‘balance’ colour influence.Bringing the outdoors in using stones and timbers along with greenerycreates a relaxing and tranquil space.

Flooring trends:
Stone, Cement, Concrete, Slate, Oaks, Varnished Wood and Pine

Reclaim has been trending for a while adding character to a room but will move towards more of a softer natural distressed finish

Flooring trends:
Salvaged Wood, Barnwood, Reclaimed Pine, Saw Cut Oak and Weathered Timber

Concrete has been trending for years and will be seen more within the residential space not just commercial due to its simplicity.

Flooring trends:
Raw Concrete, Polished Concrete, Cement and Stone