Vinyl Flooring Colour Trends

Trends come and go. But vinyl flooring is here to stay. The demand for it has skyrocketed over the last decade and for good reason – people love it for its low maintenance properties, its hard-wearing and long-lasting nature, and of course, its aesthetic appeal. Vinyl might be the new wood. It allows for the high end look of hardwood, at a fraction of the price. It can serve as the focal point of your decor, or compliment other aspects of your overall design. Consider these five vinyl flooring trends when choosing your next flooring.

Grey is the way

Grey is the new classic, the new beige, the new neutral. It’s extremely versatile, not overpowering, and works well for modern styles like Scandinavian and Minimalist but can easily be matched with bold accent colours for that extra pop of colour in the room. Grey is part of a large movement toward earthy neutrals and is the king colour of vinyl flooring trends. Polyflor offers a wide range of soft and milky greys to choose from like Grey AshLight Grey Concrete and Grey Limed Oak.

Espresso Browns

Dark floors are contemporary, classic, high-end and always in fashion. Ebony, jacobean and espresso are the top of the line when it comes to vinyl flooring trends. Dark colours make a statement, contrast well against light coloured walls and offer that feeling of warmth and understated style. There’s a reason why Will Ferrell in Anchorman boasted about his apartment smelling of rich Mahogany. It truly gives off that classy vibe. Polyflor has a range of deep and rich dark tones like Aged ElmWalnut and Dark Classic Oak.

White Wash

Soft white and cream coloured vinyl flooring creates a light, airy and beachy look. It’s popular in resorts and residential beach homes. Naturally, light colours open up spaces and offer that contemporary, yet elegant feel. The white wash colour evokes that feeling of summer escape, and paired with a wider plank, bring the 80’s flooring trend back to life. Check out our range of creamy colours like SilverwoodWhite Saw Cut Ash, or White Rustic Pine.

Nude & Natural

Natural styles flaunt the abstract patterns and imperfections that occur in nature. There’s a major trend for natural looking, low gloss vinyl flooring that takes on the look of granite, marble, limestone, wood and metal. Finding a balance between dark and bright colours, natural tones offer a more muted colour scheme, as seen in the Scandinavian look. Polyflor has a plethora of natural coloured vinyl flooring to choose from like the Scandinavian Country PlankHoney Limed Oak and Wild Oak.

Recycled Vintage

Another massive trend this year is the reclaimed, recycled, old world look. Since reclaimed wood is often expensive and hard to find, vinyl flooring is the more feasible option that achieves the same look and feel. Vinyl that replicates reclaimed and recycled timber also showcases the natural imperfections of wood and give your room a very eco-friendly, rustic vibe. Check out our vinyl look alike options like the Grey Vintage WoodAntique Oak, and the Scandinavian Country Plank.

Regardless of the look you’re going for, Polyflor can offer you an exceptional vinyl flooring solution. Time to get creative!