Vinyl Flooring Trends for 2017

New year, new floor. That’s our motto, anyway. If you’re looking for a modern flooring trend to incorporate into your new project, consider these 2017 flooring trends and choose something both durable and stylish. When starting from scratch, it’s important to pick a style that will serve the lifetime of the floor and won’t go out of date any time soon. Many trends have carried over from 2016, however a few new elements will become prevalent this year. And not only is vinyl keeping up with the trends, it is the new trend.

Grey is (Still) the Way

Grey tones still come out on top in 2017, especially as designers jump on the bandwagon. Our Grey AshLight Grey Concrete and Grey Limed Oak tones are as popular as ever and serve modern Scandinavian and Minimalist styles well. And although grey tones still take the crown this year, we might see a growing demand for more classic natural or dark wood tones like our Natural Rustic Oak,Brown Mystic Wood or Brown Saw Cut Ash. Dark floors contrast beautifully with white walls and furniture and have become increasingly popular over the years.

Wide Planks

Long wide planks do a great job of showcasing the wood (or vinyl’s) natural patterns and textures all whilst creating a unified look with fewer joint lines. They provide the illusion of more space, making the room seem larger and more open than it is. Not to mention, wide planks require far less installation time. Check out Expona Superplank and Expona SimpLay flooring collections.

Rustic & Bohemian Reclaimed Wood

As the world quickly develops a taste for affordable, sustainable and recycled flooring options, industrial reclaimed wood flooring trends dominate the scene. Texture is everything when it comes to this style. The look is inconsistent with all its knots, streaks, splits and other natural characteristics. Texture is one of the biggest 2017 flooring trends, and just like there will always be a market for wood-flooring, there will always be room for alternatives like vinyl. Check out our replica options like the Grey Vintage WoodAntique Oak, and the Scandinavian Country Plank.

Low Sheen Finishes

Matte is the new black. There are four levels of finishes: matte, satin, semi-gloss and glossy. The glossier you go, the more light reflection you get, which in turn shows more dust and dirt on the floor. It is far easier to hide scratches and imperfections on a matte floor. You can find low-sheen matte finishes in heaps of contemporary and Scandinavian looks like with our Expona Domestic and Expona Design flooring ranges.

Vinyl flooring trends go hand-in-hand with wood because as technology evolves, vinyl flawlessly replicates wood whilst remaining the more affordable and environmentally preferred option. It’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between our products and the real deal. Keep your finger on the pulse with 2017 flooring trends but choose Polyflor for all your vinyl needs.