Alumino-Silicate Glass Fibre Mesh

Alumino-Silicate Glass Fibre Mesh
Aluminio-Silicate Glass

The special Alumino-Silicate glass fiber mesh is used for the proper binding and structural reinforcement of non-absorbent or absorbent substrates for pre installation of SevoArt® CeFlo, tiles and other covering materials over concrete surfaces and other approved substrates.

The silica glass fiber mesh incorporates epoxy primer Okapox GF and is used as additional reinforcement of various substrates to prevent transmission of damaging shrinkage and stress cracks from the subsurface. Fiber mesh and the epoxy coating acts as an extremely heavy duty anti-fracture membrane eliminating penetration of stress in to the tiles or other covering materials.

The silica glass fiber mesh combined with Okapox GF provides an additional moisture barrier.

  • Structural reinforcement of non-absorbent and absorbent substrates
  • Heavy duty anti-fracture membrane
  • Additional moisture barrier when combined with Okapox GF
  • Approx. 800-950 g/m² of Okapox GF. As moisture barrier approx. 500 g/m².
  • Rolls with 25 m length packed in a single carton
  • Rolls with 50 m length packed in a single carton

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