Pureflor Hard Surface 10L

Pureflor Hard Surface 10L
PUREFLOR is a hard surface floor cleaner for around your home and for commercial spaces (Industrial strength).

Suitable for:
  • vinyl flooring
  • tiles
  • wooden floors
  • concrete
  • And more
How does it work: The enzymes in PUREFLOR break down stains & odours into their basic elements. Carbon Dioxide and Water readily integrate with the environment instead of polluting it. Even mineral build-ups simply fall apart when our enzymes break down the organic ‘glue’ that holds it in place. Complete Ingredients: water, enzymes blended from plants, surfactant, and fragrance.

  • Contains a soap-free, multi-enzyme formula designed to destroy and break down grease, oil, and food waste.
  • Eliminates odours by destroying the organic matter.
  • pH neutral, non-corrosive and safe for all surfaces not harmed by water.
  • Designed to discharge down drains, where the enzyme formula will continue to attack the grease and food waste.
  • Septic Safe
Ingredients: water, enzymes blended from plants, surfactant, and fragrance.

Important Information:
  • Ensure that when using PUREFLOR Hard Surface Cleaner for the first time, use a NEW mop and bucket.
  • One can use either a string mop or a flat head micro fibre mop. Better results are achieved with a flat head micro mop.
  • When first starting with PUREFLOR, one can either high-pressure wash the floor and then start mopping or one can just start with mopping the floor straight away. With standard mopping, results will occur after a day or two.
  • After mopping, rinse mop and stand mop upright in cupboard. Enzymes will carry on working and stop the mop from smelling.
  • Do NOT mix PUREFLOR Hard Surface Cleaner with other chemicals as this will deactivate the enzymes.

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