Palettone and Expona Commercial 

Flooring is a quintessential aspect of a room’s décor; it is a part of the skeleton of a room. It provides form and function dictating the intentions of the rooms use. It can create beautiful synergy with bespoke furniture and can accentuate a rooms space. Not only this but your choice in flooring is a big determining factor in the feeling you get when you or a guest walks into a room. It’s up to you to create that ambience, that warm feeling, that eyebrow raise or that elongated scan of admiration. We believe Polyflor’s Palettone and Expona Commercial do just that.  

Palettone is Polyflor’s most extensive range offering a gateway to a world of colour and opportunity. Whether you are looking for traditional tones or striking shades there is a pallet of 50 solid colour bases and complementary tone highlights. The wide range is rife with features with a high quality cross-linked polyurethane reinforcement, as well as the outstanding durability and abrasion resistance. Not only this but it achieves a Generic A+ rating in major sectors such as health, education. It also boasts being 100% recyclable containing 25% recyclable materials.  

Palettone is versatile when working in conjunction with other Polyflor ranges to create bespoke environments that elevate the ambience of any room. This task often proves challenging in sectors such as health and education, which are so used to bland and sterile spaces, but Palettone breaks that boring mould and allows you to reinvigorate healthcare and education spaces with interesting and subtle colour schemes.  

The Expona Commercial range was created as a means to bring forth the widest range of 80 shades across a plethora of natural and man-made materials combined with innovative modern finishes, each featuring a complementary surface texture for an authentic appearance. 

Producing exclusively beautiful flooring designs was at the heart of the Expona creative development process, and with this came an appreciation for individuality and creating a corporate or brand identity through the use of a floorcovering. This understanding has led to a suite of out-of-the-box design floors being included in the Expona Commercial range that are straightforward to install yet deliver on style and excellence. 

From a project’s early conception to the final fruition, we can provide visuals, advise on colour combinations and product selection to reflect the attitude and lifestyle of an overall scheme. There's virtually no limit to the shapes, patterns, or imagery you can create with the help of Polyflor's design service, realised. 

Underwood Dental is a project that exemplifies the design prowess of Palettone and Expona Commercial. Palettone and Expona Commercial complement each other to create a vibrant and inviting environment. 

When visualising a new flooring layout for any large-scale installation, the wealth of design floors available can take on varying levels of intricacy. In some interiors the simplest solution can be the most effective. By simply combining different flooring tiles together, either with complementing or contrasting patterns and colours, a stunning result can be achieved with little effort. 

Pureflor makes long term maintenance of these two ranges effortless. It’s multi-enzyme cleaning formula works up to 72 hours after application breaking down stains and odours in their basic elements of water and carbon dioxide readily integrating with the environment instead of polluting it. Pureflor Hard Surface Cleaner is now available in 5, 10 and 20L for commercial use. Even mineral build-ups fall apart when our enzymes break down the organic ‘glue’ that holds it in place. 

Polyflor continues to offer flooring solutions that elevate spaces within the Health and Education sectors, with premium functional specifications that to do not compromise on design.