Renovations can be a daunting task with affordability being a large determining factor in whether a project comes to fruition or whether it gets delayed with a financial hand break that could even lead to the project fading away. Polyflor realises this and wants our customers to have the feeling of reinvigorated space that makes you feel proud to walk into without a huge financial burden. Polyflor’s MiPlank, Affinity and XL serve as fantastic flooring solution for your next home renovation. 

The MiPlank range was hand selected by a team of interior design experts, combining the latest trends and designs to create a premium feel and look. The collection features 15 authentic timber designs, each containing unique knot and grain details to replicate the natural beauty of the different wood species. Designed with the Australian home in mind, we know families are busy which why the Miplank installation process is easy with MiPlank’s ticker and longer design, eliminating any long-drawn-out process. It features 15 planks all inspire by natural timber available in 8 shades. Let your imagination be the only driving force behind the commencement of your next renovation project. Whether it is your kitchen, living room or bedroom, MiPlank allows you to focus less on the logistics of installation and cost and more on the look and feel of your new space.  

The Affinity collection features sixteen spectacular wood species, carefully selected by our team of experts specialising in interior design. The collection offers an incredible variety of shade options with realistic knot and grain detailing. You are sure to find the perfect design to enhance your home interior. Affinity provides as a great option for granny flats. As the property market has changed and developed, the function of granny flats has evolved over the years. Originally granny flats were used to house the older members of a household, but as rent prices have increased and city living has become denser, the granny flat has been embraced as a viable alternative to regular accommodation. Now is a fantastic time to utilise your tired looking or vacant granny flats and transform them with Affinity to capitalise on the changing rental market. Create that passive income simply by giving your granny flat that luxury feel that people desire. 

XL PUR provides the perfect flooring solution for modular building projects. XL PUR combines a high pedigree of performance and optimum duotone marble style enabling the transformation of any commercial environment through the selection of vivid colours. The specially formulated polyurethane surface treatment makes it perfect for portable and modular buildings. XL PUR is the affordable flooring solution that just makes sense for these projects and ticks all the right boxes for a heavy traffic space with its ease of installation, maintenance, longevity, and design. 

Polyflor designs flooring solutions fit for purpose with the consumer and use area in mind so you can be reassured your flooring will fulfill all your needs. Whether you are renovating your home, granny flat or even looking for a modular building, the Polyflor range expertly delivers with choice, style and functionality. With the assurance of longevity to ensure you remain more that satisfied for years to come.