Create interior transformations overnight with Belbien


Setting the right ambience within a shopping centre or store has always had a huge impact on the customer satisfaction and experience. Knowing that you can find the right surface finish that gives you the complete freedom to transform design ideas is a dream for every designer. 

With Belbien, you are able to transform your spaces effortlessly and within budget to avoid major overhaul costs- literally overnight!

Whether you are wanting to create a fun and vibrant super store or a cosy and warm boutique, Belbien has you covered. By choosing from our vast array of colours, you are sure to find the perfect one to work with your chosen lighting and furniture.


Transforming hotel entrances, rooms and spaces has never been easier and more cost effective. Hotels have been known to transform the walls within their hotels, creating incredible backdrops and interest within the rooms.

Changing your hotel decor and overall vibe is a critical factor in how the guest feels within the space and should not be underestimated.


Within education and office spaces, there are many benefits to wall vinyl. Being able to change the working environment overnight with little to no downtime and at a great cost is the biggest benefit by far.
It is important to keep both staff and student engaged and inspired which is why our whiteboard option is a no brainer. This surface film works as a traditional dry erase board and is stain-proof to erase cleanly every time.

Make use of your wall space today!


Our Belbien Sampling process is second to none.

You are able to order free Belbien samples via our website so you can see the quality for yourself. This can greatly assist in the decision making process as you are able to see and touch the product for yourself. Order yours today!



The use of a timber finish provides
the warmth of a wood grain
and the effortless of natural design.


This category offers patterns that
represent the delicate nature of
linen in a gloss or matte finish.
Linen has a beautifully textured finish,
that is understated luxury.


This category represents textures of mixed metals.
Take special note of the patterns
with numbers that begin with
CM or FM – these use real metals to deliver rich textures


This category offers a simple,
luxurious finish with use of colour and shine.
With its smooth feel, it’s a guaranteed
to make any space feel superior.


This category provides an abstract
effect using shapes, colours, and textures.
With high versatility, the abstract
patterns of this category can add
a rich atmosphere to any space.


Create a dry erase board on any surface!
The surface works as a traditional
dry erase board and is stain-proof
to erase cleanly every time.