New flooring on the BLOC

Since primary school, we’ve been asked what our favourite colour is. Nowadays, when designing interiors, choosing the right colour is still no easy feat.

Colour is all around us, a vital part of our world and existence. It can impact our emotions, influence our behaviours and change the way we think and feel. The effective use of colour can make a room come alive and stimulate those within it. Whether it’s at home or in the workplace, colour choice can fuse together elements, providing a subtle backdrop or making loud splash.

We created our new Bloc PUR range with all that in mind. We noticed trends in what shades people gravitated toward, which tones soothed the eye and which flavours worked well for our commercial clients. We then developed our first range of solid colour sheet flooring which offers our customers an extensive choice to create their most desired and creative looks.

The heavy duty sheet floorcovering features a 0.7mm fully pigmented homogeneous PVC wear layer of pure colour with textured emboss and a polyurethane reinforcement. It’s built for high performance and is ideally suited for use within retail, leisure and commercial sectors. With its broad spectrum of 16 colours, Bloc PUR has something for everyone.

Perhaps you’re after a chic, contemporary look like a combination of Loft White and Classic Black. Or maybe you’re after a classic, corporate finish using two shades of grey like Urban Chic and Rock Salt. To inject warmth and peace into a room, try the Caramel Blush matched with Clay Deep. For a natural and earthy look, go Soft Moss. Or make a statement with Woodland Green, Lemon Punch or Red Beacon. Go on, we dare you.

The new Bloc PUR range can be used to create tonal, complementary or harmonious interior design schemes through the availability of greys, neutrals, pastels and brights in its colour palette, whether they are used individually or combined with other designs from the range. As with any flooring, light and non-textured colours require more attention than darker shades and careful consideration should be given to high traffic areas. Other than that, colour is your opportunity to experiment and be playful.

It isn’t going anywhere. Colour is timeless, classic and full of life. Check out our Bloc PUR brochure to visualise the product’s implementation and vibrancy and order a sample, free of charge. And then, go bolder than before.